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KoreaSUV, Who We Are?

Our company started out as a small-scale trading company in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, in 2009 to sell well-known overseas parts and expendables for aftermarkets for Ssangyong’s Musso/New Korando to Korean buyers. Since then we have grown into a company that exports not only Korean vehicle parts and filter types, but also used Ssangyong cars overseas.

However, we could say the beginning of it all was actually when the owner of KoreaSUV, David Yu, first rode in a Ssangyong car in 2001. David Yu, the company owner, was on his way to work one morning in January 2000 when he accidentally crossed the center line, crashed with a cargo truck, lost consciousness, and was hospitalized. It was a very big car accident. In the following 6 months in the hospital and 6 months of medical care, his views on cars changed.

In choosing a car, the questions weren’t,
"What’s the highest speed and does it run well?", but rather
"How safe is it for me and my family to ride in it?"
That became the most important factor in choosing cars. The car that David Yu purchased then in 2011 was a secondhand ’97 Ssangyong Musso TDI (Turbo Diesel Intercooler) that was popular at the time. It had a Mercedes-Bentz 2,874cc 120 horsepower turbo diesel engine and 4-speed automatic transmission equipped atop of the frame body.

Unfortunately, David Yu was the third owner of this car. He simply wondered at the time, "Why did the previous owners sell such a nice car?" and purchased it, but it was only a few years later that he realized the truth that "All cars in the used car market have some sort of issue and that’s why they’re in the market!"

The problem with the car was the shift shock that occurs from shifting between lower gears 1 to 2, and it was problematic from when it was first released from the factory. The vehicle technicians were unable to catch this problem and that is why the previous two car owners had gotten rid of it, before David Yu had purchased it.

Professional Team

Meet this is our professional team.

However, because he liked the power train, external design, and color so much, he just couldn’t let the car go. So David Yu took the car apart, reassembled it, and repeated this over and over until he solved the problem. The cause was due to a defective compression spring inside the valve body of the automatic transmission and improper adjustment of the diesel injection pump. Going through this whole process, David fell completely in love with cars, particularly diesel engines of Mercedes-Bentz. Through this process, he also realized the importance of car parts.

It then occurred to David that it would be great to provide the filter products of the German company Mahle, such as their fuel filters, oil filters, and air filters, to Korean drivers who ride the Ssangyong Musso/ New Korando, so he started importing them from Europe in 2009 and selling them in the Korean market. This was the start of KoreaSUV.

Later on, he realized there were customers looking for high-quality parts as well as expendables, so he started importing reputable overseas parts and providing them to Ssangyong car users in Korea.

During this process of growth, he also took on the challenge of figuring out the core technology of the diesel injection pump that Mercedes-Bentz and Germany’s Bosch were not sharing with Korea’s Ssangyong. He succeeded, and this equipped his company with the number one technological skillset in this area in not just Korea, but in the world.

Based on its confidence from these technological skills, the company was able to repair the used Musso/ New Korando/ Musso Sports of Ssangyong that were once very popular brands, to overseas markets as like-new models. And for the diesel engines and automatic-transmissions equipped in these cars, the company offers a 1-year or up to 20,000km free warranty, the only and first company to do so in the used car market in the world.

This 1-year or 20,000 km free warranty for engines and transmissions for used cars exported by KoreaSUV will continue to be applied, and we promise that Korean used cars that are better-maintained than Japanese cars and sold at more affordable prices will be continuously provided to customers all around the world.


David Yu, CEO