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The most important component of diesel vehicles is the diesel engine, and what is even more important is the diesel injection system that provides motile force to the diesel engine. There are only three companies in the world that can design and build such diesel injection systems.

Our company is the only company in the world that knows more about the technology related to the Bosch Diesel Injection system that Mercedes-Benz transferred to SsangYong Motors in 1993; our knowledge and experience currently outpaces those of SsangYong Motors themselves.

If these technologies are properly applied and maintained, no black smoke or odor is released from the exhaust, even in diesel vehicles. In addition, the engine power performance also overpowers that of the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Our company can provide advanced technologies for the diesel injection, a technology which Mercedes-Benz transferred to SsangYong Motors in 1993 for several million USD, to countries (governments) such as those of the CIS, various African nations, and South American nations that do not produce vehicles.

Our company is ready to establish cooperative partnerships with countries that are striving to preserve a clean natural environment. Contact us here at KoreaSUV and we will help you whole-heartedly