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Terms of conditions for used cars
Article 1. Purpose

The purpose of these Terms of conditions is to provide basic information between the KoreaSUV and the buyer.

Article 2. Payment

After receiving the invoice, you need to pay the full amount of the vehicle price in advance to the bank account indicated on the invoice before the vehicle is shipped.

Article 3. Request for a refund of the buyer's product price
  1. If the buyer requests a refund for a simple change of heart after they have paid for the product, KoreaSUV will refund the buyer the amount obtained by subtracting the bank transfer fee and the $500 cancellation fee from the product price. However, you can apply for a refund only before the car is handed over to the transportation company.
Article 4. Vehicle Warranty
  1. A. All used cars sold by KoreaSUV have been inspected and repaired directly by our company on more than 100 different parts. For this reason, SsangYong Motor vehicles exported by KoreaSUV are the only used cars in the world provided with warranty for 1 year or 20,000 km and it’s a car that you can ride right after you pick it up, and it's in better condition than a Japanese car.
  2. B. Coverage Period and Detail
    - Engine: 1 year or 20,000 km
    - Transmission: 1 year or 20,000 km
    - The warranty period begins on issuance of the invoice date, and whichever comes first between 1 year or 20,000 km will be considered as termination of warranty.
  3. C. Precondition of the Warranty
    - Required Purchase of Engine Oil : at the time of purchase (Sold at KoreaSUV)
    - Quantity : 11 Liter
    (This is to prevent engine performance issues due to differing engine oil qualities in each country.)
    - Transmission Oil: purchase unnecessary (exchanged in advance at KoreSUV)
    - Coolant : purchase unnecessary (exchanged in advance at KoreSUV)
  4. D. Excluded Matters from the Warranty
    - Failures due to the arbitrary disassembly, modification, and adjustment of engine, automatic transmission, or its installed parts.
    - Failures due to the driver’s negligence, overloading, and excessive driving, or due to natural disasters.
    - Failures due to the use of inappropriate fuel, coolant and engine oil.
    - Failures due to the oversight of replacement and replenishment of various oil and coolant types according to the KoreaSUV’s guideline.
Article 5. Transportation
  1. A. domestic transportation
    KoreaSUV is responsible for transporting cars purchased by buyers from our company to Incheon Port.
  2. B. overseas transportation
    - The purchaser is responsible for overseas transportation from Incheon Port to the destination port.
    - However, if the buyer wants to know the overseas shipping cost from Incheon Port to their destination, or if he(she) wants to request an overseas transportation from KoreaSUV, the Korea SUV will report the shipping cost on Pro forma invoice.
    -See this and either ship the vehicle as per the carrier's estimate on the invoice we gave you, or use another carrier for the buyer's use.
Article 6. Claim

There is a problem with the car, so please contact me anytime. We'll do our best to help you.

Terms of conditions for car rentals
Article 7. Rental agreement general conditions

The customer declares that the rented car is in good body and mechanical condition, with no apparent defects other than those mentioned in the pick-up document and that it is his responsibility to return it under the same conditions as the one received;

Article 8. State of the car and its return
  1. A1. The customer assumes that he or she is responsible for carefully observing the pre-existing damage to the rental car and that it is correctly identified in this contract;
  2. A2. The customer agrees that damages incurred afterwards when the car is collected by our services will be considered as “new damage” and the repair costs will be charged to you as damage arising from the use of the rental car;
  3. A3. The customer assumes that will be charged for damages that may be found by KoreaSUV within 7 days after the end of the rental agreement and that have resulted from the use of the car;
Article 9. Conditions of Use
  1. B1. The minimum age of the driver is 26 years according to Mongolia law and additional fees may apply for drivers who are over 65 years old;
  2. B2. The customer undertakes to take care of the car, without doing damage of any kind and willfully or negligently;
  3. B3. It is strictly forbidden for the customer to use the vehicle under the following conditions:
    - Cargo or passenger transportation for consideration or without express authorization from KoreaSUV;
    - To tow and / or propel any vehicle or other object;
    - Participate in sporting events with the car of any kind;
    - When the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that reduces his ability;
    - Violation of traffic rules;
    - It is strictly forbidden to travel outside the borders of Mongolia without the express authorization of KoreaSUV. In these cases the KoreaSUV reserves the right to charge $200 USD (VAT incl.) For each verified situation;
    - It is forbidden to assign or lend the car to third parties not included in this rental agreement.
  4. B4. The client will be responsible for all legal expenses, attorney's fees and other expenses to settle any amount of this contract which is due;
  5. B5. Customer agree and accept that KoreaSUV's services can provide any personal information to law enforcement agencies for collection of charges resulting from road code violations;
  6. B6. Customer hereby acknowledges and authorizes KoreaSUV to debit all charge expenses of this agreement to the account associated with its credit card or by deducting the deposit delivered on the day of withdrawal;
  7. B7. This contract is in accordance with Mongolia Law, both parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Ulaanbaatar.
Article 10. Responsibilities and charges
  1. C1. The customer agrees to pay the rental at the prevailing rates, extra charges, road surcharges, fuel misuse costs, replacement costs for damaged tires plus accidental punctures, fines and / or toll charges, costs when seized by law enforcement authorities, or any other negligent behaviours;
  2. C2. The customer is responsible for any damage, theft and/or damage to the vehicle caused by carelessness during the use of the rental car.
  3. C3. In the event of theft, robbery or accident in the car, the customer must immediately inform the authorities after the occurrence as well as the services of the rental company;
  4. C4. The customer must not arrange or undertake any repairs or leave the scene of accident before police inspection or without the KoreaSUV’s authority.
  5. C5. In case of negligent use of the car, even underwriting additional insurance, the customer will always be responsible;
  6. C6. No replacement or substitute of any parts or accessories of the vehicle without the knowledge and approval of KoreaSUV.
  7. C7. The customer must ensure that: -the coolant in the Vehicle’s reservoir tank is maintained at the proper level; -the engine oil in the Vehicle is maintained at the proper level; -the tyres are maintained at their proper pressure;
  8. C8. KoreaSUV reserves the right to charge $20 USD(VAT incl.) For the refueling service, plus the amount of fuel, if the vehicle has a lower fuel level than when it was delivered;
  9. C9. KoreaSUV reserves the right to charge $150 USD (VAT incl.) for cleaning costs if the car is not in hygienic and clean conditions similar to those of the pick-up day.
  10. C10. KoreaSUV reserves the right to charge $150 USD (VAT incl.) for cleaning and deodorization costs if passengers have not fulfilled the "No Smoking" obligation inside the vehicle;
  11. C11. If customers do not have a valid credit card, KoreaSUV may hold the deposit amount in cash. The latter undertakes to return by bank transfer within 30 days after the return of the vehicle, minus the amount of tolls made and / or new damage detected;
Article 11. Insurances
  1. D1. In the event of an accident KoreaSUV will not be responsible for death, permanent disability, personal injury and / or property damage caused to the customer or passengers;
  2. D2. Third Party Insurance (TI) Protection coverage for the vehicle rented includes Third Party Liability with a maximum cover of 16,500,000.00 MNT for personal injuries and material damages. Excluded from the protection is the use of the vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods. All protection as part of the rental contract will become void, in particular, if an unauthorized driver has used the vehicle or if the driver of the vehicle does not possess the required driver's license at the time of the event giving rise to claim.
  3. D3. KoreaSUV is not responsible for any equipment, material and / or personal property damaged and / or stolen in vehicles, and this isn't covered for any insurance available;
  4. D4. When purchasing any available insurance, they do not cover tires in normal use, inside the vehicle and under the vehicle damages;
  5. D5. Negligent acts and serious errors in the road code will not be covered by insurance (see paragraph D6). In this cases the customer will be liable for all damages incurred, vehicle repair and replacement expenses, lost profits, vehicle immobilizations costs, courts and hospital costs;
  6. D6. The following are considered negligent acts, for example:
    - Serious Road Code Infringements;
    - Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or psychotropic substances;
    - Non-compliance with STOP signaling, priority assignment or vertical light signaling;
    - Dangerous overtaking at crossings or not respecting road lines (eg continuous line);
    - Using Mobile Devices While Driving or any other object that interferes in the driver's attention;
    - All situations where there is actual negligence of the driver.
  7. D7. The customer may take out additional insurance, thus reducing his liability;
  8. D7.1 Personal Accident Insurance(PAI)
    Personal Accident Insurance compensates you for personal injuries (including passengers) and provides coverage for medical costs, emergency care and accidental death during the rental period.
  9. D7.2 Loss Damage Waiver(LDW)
    Loss Damage Waiver(LDW)(including Theft Waiver) exempts the driver from liability for vehicle damage or theft. If you do not sign up for LDW(including Theft Waiver), you will be responsible for all vehicle damages. Driving in an area prohibited by public order or driving on an unfrozen road surface or in the river, streams or mudflats without the bridge and other off-road terrain is exempt from liability.
  10. D7.3 Top Cover LDW or Super Top Cover LDW
    If LDW is already included in the fee, the vehicle lessee may choose Top Cover LDW or Super Top Cover LDW to have unlimited coverage.
  11. D7.4 Sand and Ash Protection
    Sand and Ash Protection shall limit the responsibility of vehicle lessee for the part in which sand and ash have been blown onto a vehicle by natural force. This limitation of responsibility is not included in the LDW or Top Cover LDW. Failure to comply with the limitations of this liability will result in the lessee being liable for all damages.
  12. D7.5 Gravel Protection
    Gravel Protection waives the vehicle lessee's liability for damages to the windshield, headlights and body of the vehicle by gravel or rocks get thrown by other vehicles. This Gravel Protection is not included in the LDW or Top Cover LDW. Failure to subscribe to this Gravel Protection will result in the lessee being liable for all damages
  13. D7.6 Tire and Windscreen Coverage
    Tire and Windscreen Coverage covers damage from tire, windshield, horizontal and rear glass damage without deduction. If you do not have this warranty, you will be responsible for the full damage.
  14. D7.7 Roadside Protection
    Korea SUV shall provide 24-hour break-fix service to all vehicle lessees with additional roadside protection options (within a radius of 100 km from the heart of Ulaanbaatar).
  15. D7.7.1 Key lockout service
    If you put a key or smart key in the car and lock the door during the rental period, KoreaSUV shall provide key lockout service and towing service.
  16. D7.7.2 Lost key or key fob
    If you have lost key or key fob during the rental period, KoreaSUV shall bear the cost of replacing the key or smart key, delivering a new key or smart key (if necessary), towing and leasing to the nearest garage.
  17. D.7.7.3 Flat tire service
    In the event of a flat tire during the rental period, KoreaSUV shall bear the cost of repairing or replacing the tire, delivering the new car, and towing to the nearest garage. It does not apply to flat tire caused by collisions. Please refer to Loss Damage Waiver(LDW) for details.
  18. D7.7.4 Dead Battery
    If you have the dead battery during the rental period, KoreaSUV shall be responsible for the charge service fee, delivery fee of the new car, and towing fee to the nearest vehicle repair facility.
  19. D7.7.5 Towing
    During the rental period, in the event of a mechanical defect in the vehicle, the KoreaSUV shall bear the towing costs of the vehicle manufacturer or third-party service provider, the delivery costs of the new car, and the towing costs to the nearest vehicle repair facility. It does not apply to mechanical defects caused by collisions.
  20. D7.7.6 Breakdown caused by empty fuel tank
    If the car stops due to the breakdown caused by empty fuel tank, KoreaSUV will pay for the refueling service. It does not include fuel.

    · The Roadside Protection service above requires the customer to charge the KoreaSUV directly, in which case the KoreaSUV determines the type and scope of service required to enable the customer's vehicle to operate.

    · In the event of a vehicle accident that is not guaranteed roadside protection service of KoreaSUV, the vehicle lessee will be responsible for the accident.

    · For roadside protection services outside the radius of 100 km from Ulaanbaatar, additional charges apply to the vehicle lessee for additional movement distances from 100 km.
Article 12. Cancellations, no-shows, tolerance and booking changes
  1. E1. Reservation change and cancellation application must be submitted by our e-mail, which is based on Mongolian local time.
  2. E2. If you change your booking, the first one is free and every subsequent change will charge $ 20 USD to your credit card.
  3. E3. Reservations can be changed up to 3 days before departure. In this case, our confirmation is required and the change will only be processed if the reservation can be changed.
  4. E4. In case of cancellation of the reservation the customer becomes aware that KoreaSUV will proceed as follows:
    Cancellation(Calendar day standard) Cancellation fee
    From 22 to 28 calendar days before departure 10% of rental car reservation fee
    From 15 to 21 calendar days before departure 25% of rental car reservation fee
    From 8 to 14 calendar days before departure 50% of rental car reservation fee
    Up to 7 calendar days before departure 100% of rental car reservation fee
    NO SHOW 100% of rental car reservation fee
  5. E5. Tolerance pick-up time is 60 minutes except due to flight delay. After this period KoreaSUV reserves the right not to guarantee the car or additional charges equivalent to the daily rental rate may apply;
  6. E6. Tolerance for drop-off is 30 minutes. Above this time, Autocunha Car Rental reserves the right to charge one additional day
  7. E7. In situations where there is a reduction in the number of rental days, no amount will be refunded for the excess days.
  8. E8. If you need to extend the rental car rental period, we must give you prior consent. Otherwise, you may not be able to receive insurance benefits for vehicle damage that occurs during the extension period.
  9. E9. Changes to the times and / or places of collection / type of vehicles, KoreaSUV reserves the right to charge additional fees and this will be informed in advance by our services;
  10. E10. In situations where there is an early arrival at the reception location previously determined in this contract and, having not been validated our services, KoreaSUV reserves the right to charge parking costs or other costs not provided in this agreement.
Article 13. Crossing Borders
  1. F1. KoreaSUV allows customers to use our cars to travel across the Mongolian border to other countries. If you plan to use our rental car to cross the Mongolian border, be sure to email us the list of countries you will visit before booking your car and have a prior consultation.
  2. F2. Cross border rentals are allowed for the following countries:
    Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, EU and Eastern Europe.
  3. F3. The customer might require the following documents to take rental car across border:
    · Valid passport of the driver
    · Valid driver's license
    · International Driving Permit
    · Car rental agreement
    · Vehicle registration papers
    · Letter of authority from the registered owner if the vehicle is not owned by the driver.
  4. F4. It is also the fundamental responsibility of the client to verify and ensure all necessary documents and preparations for crossing the border. Therefore, please thoroughly check and prepare various matters in advance. In addition, entry from the border may be denied for any reason, but you must bear all of your risk in the event of such a problem.
  5. F5. KoreaSUV does not provide any repair service for vehicle failures outside Mongolia. If a vehicle breaks down and needs to be repaired outside of Mongolia, you must consult with our company in advance.If the vehicle cannot be operated and the vehicle must be transported to a designated location in Mongolia, the customer will be responsible for the cost.
  6. F6. KoreaSUV may charge a separate fee for each car if its customers cross the border with a rental car from KoreaSUV. Additionally, there may be additional notary expenses required to prepare and notarize border crossing documents. This fee does not include any remaining fees, such as road tolls or border crossings, so you will have to pay separately at the appropriate location.
  7. F7. Customers are required to pay a security deposit equivalent to the vehicle value to cross the border using a rental car from KoreaSUV. This deposit will be held by our company until you return the rental car, and will be refunded to you after the vehicle is returned.
  8. F8. The vehicle rental deposit is the same as the vehicle value and depends on the coverage limit of the Collision Damage Wavier (CDW), a type of insurance coverage. Therefore, customers can increase the insurance coverage limit to reduce the vehicle deposit, or they can purchase our rental car and eliminate the vehicle deposit itself.
  9. F9. The vehicle rental deposit shall be paid in cash or by credit card in the customer's name, and if you pay by credit card, it is simply pre-authorization on the computer for the amount, and it is not withdrawn immediately on the payment date. However, you cannot use that amount until the car is returned, and the credit card transaction is cancelled.
Article 14. Additional services

This service is available on request for an additional commitment fee.

  1. G1. Satellite Communicator
    KoreaSUV does not offer satellite phones and Satellite Communicator. Please prepare a low-cost Satellite Communicator for contact from a backwoods where the cell phone won't break.
  2. G2. Winter equipment
    Snow chains are available subject to a fee.
  3. G3. Camping Set include a tent for 2-3 persons, 1 Camping Box (you can also carry the set in your backpack instead), 2 sleeping mats, 1 Air Sofa, 1 Gas Stove including 2x 500ml gas bottles, Pot, Pan, Bowl, Espresso Mokka Maker, Dining utensils for 4 (plates, bowls, forks, knives, spoons) Not included are sleeping bags, beverages and food. Please bring your own supplies.
  4. G4. Driver Service
    There is no daily kilometer limitation, but the driver’s maximum driving duration is 8-10 hours a day. In the countryside, the customer should pay for driver’s meals, and accommodation during the trip. The customer remains liable for the condition of the vehicle except when the vehicle is physically moved by the driver.

    Driver services are available within respective city limits and any trip outside the city limits will need to be coordinated with KoreaSUV in advance. Additional charges for leaving the city limits may arise and will be charged extra locally. Please contact KoreaSUV.