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This car selling program targets people planning for long-term overseas trips using their own cars. It aims to sell the company’s registered rental cars to clients in accordance with KoreaSUV and special contracts with the clients, in order to reduce the excessive costs that come with transporting their own cars overseas, long-term rentals, as well as to help overcome the restrictions of registering for car insurance overseas.

Disadvantage to using own car overseas

Advantages of Purchasing a KoreaSUV car

Issues Purchasing Japanese 4WD Drive SUVs

Freight Charge

The transportation fee is exorbitant. In order to transport one’s own car from Korea to Russia or neighboring countries, and back to Korea, one is burdened with the transportation fees as well as the customs fees and import export procedures. This incurs at least $4,000 USD in costs and on top of that, there’s a lot to take care of from de-registration of cars to going through import-export customs.


When using your own car overseas, it’s impossible to register for proper car insurance. Those you can apply for are bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage. It’s not possible to register for insurance for yourself, your car, or your family. However, if you get a rental, you can apply for integrative insurance as those you can get domestically as well as get tire-exchange service and free tow-truck services.

Rental Fee

If you do get a rental car because of these benefits, then the cost becomes an issue. With a 4WD SUV, the cost is around $3,600 USD per month. When using the vehicle for long durations of about 2-3 months and even if you get a long-term contract discount, it’s still not a small sum. Moreover, with foreign rental companies, there are many that don’t allow drivers to cross over the border to neighboring countries.

Fuel Quality

Additionally when you go to Central Asia or Mongolia, the fuel quality (gasoline, diesel) is not as great as the quality in Korea or western Europe. This means car engines can break down quickly or it could happen gradually during the course of the trip, just as many drops can make a shower. This means it would cost a lot of time and money to deliver parts, so it’s not a great idea to take your own car.

Public Safety

Moreover, Korea is one of the safest countries in the world. But when traveling, your car could be broken into or worse, and your beloved car may be ruined forever. Therefore, it’s best to avoid taking a new car or your own car overseas. In order to resolve all these inconvenient factors, we’re offering special contracts only for our Korean clients and selling our own rental cars. Plan for a comfortable trip with our repaired Ssangyong 4WD automatic car; it’s as good as new!

Disadvantage to using own car overseas

Advantages of Purchasing a KoreaSUV car

Issues Purchasing Japanese 4WD Drive SUVs

Economic Price

Cars at KoreaSUV are all registered overseas. This means no separate transportation cost is incurred for importing/exporting one’s own car, and clients can also tailor the insurance clauses to their needs. Moreover, to prepare for the increasing cost of long-term rentals over time, our company cars could also be sold to customers, based on the special contract we have with them.

Efficient Operation

In terms of durability, most cars sold/rented out by KoreaSUV are mainly mechanical diesel cars such as Musso/New Korando, with the technological alliance with Mercedes-Benz. All of these cars are equipped with the old-version plunger type diesel engines, not the common rail diesels that are sensitive to fuel.


The benefit of an old-version plunger type car is that it works with lamp oil and also used cooking oil. So in countries with low purchasing power, these old-version cars are actually preferred over others. They don’t break easily, but even when they do they’re easier to fix. With common rail diesel cars produced in 2005 or later, the cars wouldn’t be able to move an inch with these types of fuel.

Easy to Maintenace

These common rail diesel cars are controlled by electricity. Therefore, these cars cannot be maintained without a scanner, the expert diagnosis equipment. If you’re in the middle of Mongolia somewhere, it’s almost impossible to find a place that could diagnose and repair your car with such expensive diagnosis equipment as you could in Korea. Even if it’s possible, it would take days. Having a new model doesn’t always mean it’s the best.


Moreover, KoreaSUV is the only company in Korea that repairs cars to make them as good as new and export them overseas. Therefore, we offer up to 1 year or 20,000 km of free warranty for engines and automatics for foreign consumers. This kind of free warranty for used cars is unheard of in the world, and also the first in the global used car market. This is possible because we’re confident that our cars won’t break down.

Driving Performance

We’ve restored the car parts to world-class standards, from the lower parts to the suspension. So our cars have all been maintained to have the best driving capabilities with the combination of engine performance and stable suspension. When foreigners take a ride in one of KoreaSUV’s used cars, they actually ask enviously, “What car is this? This is Korean?”

Easy to Sell

The Japanese SUVs that they’d ridden weren’t as nearly as great in terms of performance and driving convenience. After the traveling or business trip is complete, these cars could also be sold onsite before the return to Korea and be converted monetarily into cash. The further away and inland the site is, the greater the transportation costs. So clients could get an even better deal if it’s somewhere deep within Central Asia.

Disadvantage to using own car overseas

Advantages of Purchasing a KoreaSUV car

Issues Purchasing Japanese 4WD Drive SUVs

Vehicle Maintenance I

Although Japanese cars are technologically very sound, there several points that must be brought to attention. The GDP per person of Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia are all about 1/3~1/7 of that of Korea. As such, new models like the Toyota Land Cruiser, which cost almost $90,000 USD do not come out as rental cars. Instead, older models are released as rentals based on age categories of 10 years, 15 years and 20 years old.

As such, Japanese cars also need repairs during operations, but as the factory cost of the car is more expensive than that of Korean cars, it naturally follows that the parts are more expensive. Consequently, locals with low purchasing power usually just drive the car, make repairs with second-hand parts from junkyards, or make do with the car until it is almost unable to operate until they are forced to make repairs.

Vehicle Maintenance II

As an example, there is a part called the shock absorber that integrates with the spring at the car chassis and stabilizes the car’s excessive shaking. However, as most of the local mechanics and drivers have not received systematic maintenance education from the manufacturers, they think that as long as there is no oil leaking, the shock absorber is operating as normal. As a result, they just keep driving.

Cars like this often display a rolling pitching phenomenon where, regardless of road conditions, the body of the car shakes horizontally and vertically. This only gets worse on rough roads. In such cases, people may become dizzy and show symptoms of car sickness, and the driver can easily become exhausted during long-distance driving. However, most locals in Russia, Mongolia or Central Asia are not aware that such a phenomenon is due to the failure of parts and continue to use the car.

Hard To Shift Gears in Manual Transmission

In addition, many replace automatic transmission with manual ones due to a lack of maintenance technology. However one cannot expect a smooth gear shift like that of manual cars just released from a factory in Korea. Since even those experienced in driving face difficulties shifting gears, how difficult would it be for those without much experience in driving?

Likewise, in such cases, as there are no domestic car manufacturers, most drivers have never learned about detailed maintenance techniques and have never driven new cars before. They simply believe the tight gear shifting is normal and just keep driving. This is why it is difficult, even with $9,000 USD, to buy a car that is on par with the standards of cars in Korea, after repairing all these parts.

Fuel Guzzler

In addition, the Toyota Land Cruiser is 4,200cc and 4,500cc diesel and 4,700cc gasoline. Precisely as in the expression “pour the oil!”, these cars are high-displacement cars compared to the normal standards of Korean people. Therefore, the fuel efficiency labels of the Toyota Land Cruiser 80, 100, and 200 models in local Mongolian car rental companies are typically as follows.

- Fuel consumption : 18-25 liters of diesel/petrol per 100 km

This means that it consumes 18-25 liters of fuel when driving 100 km. When converted to the Korean fuel efficiency labeling standard, this equates to a fuel efficiency of 5 km/L for gasoline or diesel cars. This is a terrible fuel efficiency!! The above value is unavoidable when taking into account the unnatural fuel injection system in addition to the large displacement.

Best Fuel Economy

In contrast, KoreaSUV vehicles are 2874 cc diesel vehicles with low displacement that not only feature low fuel consumption, but it also has had the fuel injection system repaired with the highest technical skills not only in Korea, but in the world. Even in Mongolia in which the fuel quality is low, the fuel efficiency is maintained at 9-10 km per liter when driving around outside the city. If this is converted to the labeling standard of Central Asia and Mongolia, it is as follows.

- Fuel consumption of KoreaSUV’s vehicles : 11 liters of diesel per 100 km

This means that if the Land Cruiser requires 18-25 liters to drive 100 km, 10~11 liters is more than ample for cars of KoreaSUV to do the same. (However, the fuel efficiency may change depending on the cargo weight). In addition, the traction power to pull something (strength, towing) is 2,800 kg, which ranks in the top 3 of the numerous cars of the same generation.

Best Vehicle

As such, the cars supplied by KoreaSUV in the overseas market are better repaired than Japanese cars, sold at cheaper prices, are automatic and comfortable to drive, have strong horsepower and have the most durable mechanical Mercedes-Benz diesel engine installed. In addition, the various devices and switches on the driver’s side are very familiar since they are often used in Korea, and it is great that you can ask about them in Korea for urgent situations.