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Specialized SUV for Self-Drive Tours, Business

My own, the 4WD SUV by SSANGYONG,
The vehicle confidently takes you anywhere.

Specialized SUV for Self-Drive Tours, Business

KoreaSUV is a company possessing leading technical expertise on older Ssangyong SUV models with frame chassis optimized for off-road performance, not just in Korea but throughout the world. Through its technical expertise, KoreaSUV offers a large number of Ssangyong Musso Sports Cars in which the engine, transmission, chassis and suspension have been repaired using world-class quality parts, for sale or rent to those travelling by car across Central Asia, Russia and Mongolia as well as for local businessmen who travel regularly.


A simple and sturdy car

  • The most important thing when it comes to travelling long distances abroad is the assurance of car integrity and ease of repair during unexpected breakdowns. For these reasons, unlike the newer models, which are saturated with electronic devices, the older Ssangyong SUV cars which possess a robust frame chassis and a comparatively simple Mercedes-Benz mechanical diesel engine is perfect for long distance travels in Russia, Mongolia and Central Asia.


A perfectly repaired car

  • KoreaSUV is the only company in the world that offers a warranty of 1 year or up to 20,000km for its engine and transmission when exporting to overseas buyers. This is only possible because not only have the engine and transmission been repaired perfectly, but the repairs guarantee a breakdown-free operation as long as the engine oil and coolants are managed properly. In addition, since the chassis and suspension have all been replaced with parts of world-class quality, our cars are fundamentally different in terms of quality from other cars that have simply had on-the-go patch-ups.


Local Cold Weather Test

  • Normally, car manufacturers conduct cold weather tests overseas before launching a new car. Likewise the cars of KoreaSUV have all successfully completed operation tests locally at temperatures of –40℃ in Mongolia, with a verified normal engine start-up in such condition. Additional maintenance for safe operation in the winter has likewise been completed.


Cargo Box Cover Installed

  • Luggage of a significant weight is often needed for long-distance travels by car. To prevent the theft of luggage and to protect it from heavy rain, the cargo box has been fitted with an aluminum cover. This device has been designed to remain locked unless the driver unlocks the door, allowing more security while travelling.


Seats more comfortable than a sofa

  • When driving long distances, the seat is without a doubt one of the most important factors. To provide comfort even during long distance driving, the original driver and passenger seats have been removed and replaced with the seats identical to those installed in the Chairman model used by Queen Elizabeth II of England during her visit to Korea.


Spare Parts and Tools Provision

  • In case of any breakdown during driving, extra parts and vehicle consumables are provided.

    Parts & Vehicle Consumables

    Ball joint, stabilizer link, clamp, fuse, light bulb, jump cable, air filter, oil filter, tire puncture repair kit, auxiliary fuel container


    Basic tools from car manufacturer, spanner, driver, pliers, nipper, tire puncture repair kit, air compressor