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Diesel Injection System

Bosch Diesel Injection Pump

Ssangyong Motors and Bosch diesel injection pump

We are the company that holds the world's best technology in repairing and adjusting a Bosch diesel injection pump which is mounted on Ssangyong old model such as Musso, New Korando, Rexton 2.9 according to Mercedes technical specification.

If the diesel injection pump that we supply is harnessed to your Musso, New Korando, Rexton 2.9TD, or Musso Sports Pick-Up Truck, you can enjoy driving a more stable and powerful vehicle than one fresh out of Ssangyong car factory.

The relationship between Ssangyong and Mercedes-Benz, Bosch

According to the technical partnership with Mercedes-Benz, Ssangyong Motors mounted diesel engines and diesel injection pumps labeled the brand of Mercedes-Benz on their vehicles from 1993 to April 1998.

Under the terms of the license agreement, Mercedes-Benz was obliged to find all causalities and solutions related to a problem with the diesel engines it provided to Ssangyong Motors.

After the expiration in April 1998, however, Ssangyong Motors directly imported diesel injection pumps from Bosch, Germany and assembled them to Musso and New Korando.

And of course, it was Ssangyong Motors that had to find and solve problems that arose with the diesel injection system of the engine of its 4 models.

Unfortunately, the engineers from Mercedes-Benz made a general technology transfer but not a detailed one for the diesel injection pump.

As a result, Ssangyong Motors had to suffer 'the big shaking phenomenon' in its diesel engine, which started to happen from 2001, because of the mismatch between its own diesel engine and Bosch diesel injection pump and ended up being incapable of solving the technical flaw.

What hindered the automaker from tackling the problem is the technical difficulty involved with diesel injection. Here, I believe that I need to tell you why a Bosch in-line diesel injection pump is technically difficult to handle.

Now, Japan is one of the countries with highly advanced industrial technology but the early technology related to a diesel engine system was all introduced from Bosch, Germany. In 1939, Japan founded a company named 'ZEXEL' through the technological cooperation with Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany.

Although this company manufactured and supplied in-line diesel injection pumps under the license agreement with Bosch, it failed to make a technical advancement after that and ended up being merged to Robert Bosch GmbH in 2000.

Therefore, most of the Japanese diesel passenger cars employ a rotary pump rather than Bosch's in-line diesel injection pump, which is more complicated. However, a rotary-type pump had an obvious demerit: it yielded much less engine output than Bosch's in-line pump for the same level of capacity.

It was because a rotary pump adopted by most of the Japanese car-makers had only a single plunger regardless of the number of cylinders and the plunger had to keep as much fuel pressure as 4 or six cylinders could, which was very difficult.

while Bosch's in-line diesel injection pump had as many plungers (that push fuel into a cylinder) as cylinders and thus fuel was refilled as soon as it was pushed into the cylinders. Therefore, fuel pressure always remained consistent.

This difference presented Bosch in-line diesel injection pump with a higher engine output than a rotary pump for the same capacity. Moreover, it was much easier to tune a car with a Bosch in-line diesel injection pump and raise engine output than that with a rotary pump.

Therefore, when Bosch's in-line diesel injection pump was adjusted as precisely as required by Mercedes-Benz, the diesel cars equipped with Bosch's in-line diesel injection pump with outstripped the Japanese cars with a rotary pump in terms of engine output and torque.

5cy Bosch In-line diesel injection pump

-The fuel presssure of the pump is about 700bar
-Mercedes, Ssangyong

Plunger for Bosch diesel injection pump

Bosch diesel injection pump can make more engine output than rotary pump which is installed in all of japanese cars.

4cy Denso rotary diesel injection pump

-The fuel pressure of the pump is about 400bar -All of Japanese cars and Hyundai, Kia

The response to 'the big shaking': Ssangyong Motors, general auto repair shop, and this company

What is the Big Shaking?
It is the phenomenon where an engine heavily shakes to both sides due to the mismatch between a diesel engine and Bosch diesel injection pump in the process of cranking or during idling.

In Korea, it is commonly called "BIG SHAKING". When it gets worse, it occurs while driving and parking. Especially, it comes often when a driver pressed down on the brake under "D" position of the change lever of the automatic transmission in driving.

The common thing about these vehicles is that the fuel injection timing is not exactly right, which causes a drop in power, a drop in fuel economy, and consumes engine oil early due to excessive engine heat generation.

Regarding the BIG SHAKING,

We introduce the responses of Ssangyong Motors and diesel repair shop and Suvkorea(Our company) as below;

The Response of Ssangyong Motors
To tackle the big shaking, Ssangyong Motors took two measures as follows.

First, Ssangyong Motors identified Bosch diesel injection pump as the cause of the big shaking and requested Robert Bosch GmbH to change the design of the diesel injection pump. Accepting it, the German company changed the design as requested by Ssangyong Motors and delivered the revised diesel injection pumps to Ssangyong Motors from May 2003.

Nonetheless, the big shaking persisted and the design change rather dropped the engine RPM by 100 ~ 200 as a car mileage increases to 50,000Km ~ 100,000Km.

Second, because the design change turned out ineffective for the big shaking, Ssangyong Motors came up with the second measure: it was to attach magnets to the side cover of the diesel injection pump.

The picture on the right show the magnets that Ssangyong Motors installed the diesel injection pump. They had originally been 3 kinds and the Korean automaker closed the measure for the big shaking by replacing with the side covers to which electromagnets were attached.

However, none of the two measures Ssangyong Motors took was the fundamental solution to the flaw and it still resulted in many problems such as the decrease of engine output and driving stability except that the measures corrected engine shaking during idling time.

Furthermore, Musso, New Korando, Rexton 2.9TD, and Musso Sports Pick-Up Truck whose big shaking had not been properly repaired were exported to foreign countries by used car dealers in Korea and outside of Korea.

In the meantime, Hyundai Galloper and Terracan, which were equipped with a rotary pump, had won preference in the overseas market although they had already disappeared from the korean domestic market after the mid-2000s due to their low engine durability and excessive black smoke.

The Response of General Auto Repair Shops
As the two measures that Ssangyong Motors took failed to fix the big shaking, the general diesel auto repair shops had to suffer a severe headache for the endless requests for after-service.

So, all kinds of weird techniques were applied and one of them was to insert a compression spring into the governor (=speed regulator) of the diesel injection pump, which was not part of Bosch design.

You can see the small compression spring in the picture on the right. It is not the part used by Ssangyong or Bosch, but by the diesel repair shops in Korea. They inserted the Compression spring, with force, into the Bosch diesel injection pump.

And when the spring is inserted into the pump, it seemed it worked fine for the time being, correcting the big shaking. However, it recurs in 4 or 5 months.

Those cars treated with the improvised measure cannot exert a starting output, which is as weak as diesel torque cannot be felt, or they start off fine in the beginning but often broke down later. Then it makes the driver doubt, "Is it really a diesel car?"

In summary, Ssangyong and korean diesel repair shops have not solved BIG SHAKING at all. Instead, they have been repairing the Bosch diesel injection pump with abnormal methods until now.

Our Response to the Big Shaking
It is safe to say that the Bosch diesel injection pump installed in Musso, New Korando, Rexton 2.9TD, and Musso Sports Pick-Up Truck of Ssangyong Motors must fall into at least one of four cases as follows. Such pump cannot help a car pull up its maximum performance.

1. Its design has been altered by Ssangyong Motors,
2. Magnets are attached to its side cover by Ssangyong Motors,
3. A compression spring has been inserted into it by a diesel repair shop, or
4. It has been adjusted with an abnormal data value in an attempt to fix the three cases above.

But we succeeded in restoring the Bosch diesel injection pumps, which have at least one of the four problems above, and acquired the world's best technology in a Bosch in-line diesel injection pump in the process.

No other company exposed itself to Ssangyong diesel engines and assembled and disassembled Bosch in-line pumps in the process than we did and this experience led us to the success of matching Ssangyong diesel engine with Bosch in-line pump perfectly.

Furthermore, we have not used springs or magnets to repair the diesel injection pumps, but have accurately repaired and adjusted one according to Mercedes Benz specifications, so gaps does not occur between the each parts at all.

Due to this, the adjusted data value of the pump will be maintained for a long time perfectly without change.

We are confident that the diesel engine of Musso, New Korando, Rexton 2.9TD, and Musso Sports Pick-Up Truck of Ssangyong Motors that we repaired can compete with the original Mercedes-Benz and Toyota Land Cruiser in terms of performance and durability.

Electromagnet of the closing cover

3 kinds of closing covers with magnets

Separated a governor from the pump

Compression spring in the governor

Our product

No Magnet, No compression spring,

The relationship between the diesel injection pump and the automatic transmission

The two cases below are the most common failure that arose due to the mismatch between BTR 4-speed automatic transmission and Bosch in-line pump, which are mounted on Musso, New Korando, Rexton 2.9TD, and Musso Sports Pick-Up Truck of Ssangyong Motors.

- Shifting shock felt on the automatic transmission
- 'Kangaroo phenomenon' where jerking occurs at shifting up in the manual transmission (stick shift)

A driver or a repairman who is ignorant of diesel injection system tend to blame auto transmission for all shifting shocks that happen in the automatic transmission.

But that is not true at all.

A car with the electronic auto transition has TCU (Transmission Control Unit) between the engine and the transmission to convey engine power to the automatic transmission. (See the right picture)

There is a semiconductor (ROM) inside TCU and transmission control program (For Shift Up/Down) is embedded in ROM. The program is not erased even in power failure. This program is set with the engine torque of a new car as a reference.

However, when diesel injection is abnormal, regardless of a new car or a used car, engine torque comes out low and does not match with the transmission control program inside ROM, which results in shifting shock.

In this case, replacing the auto transmission does not solve the problem no matter how often you replace the existing auto transmission with a new one.

When diesel torque was out of line like this, auto-transmission repair shops that didn't know that even the auto transmission could be affected had to keep doing after-service for the shifting shock and slip of the auto transmission.

Because they lacked in the understanding of a diesel injection system such as diesel injection pump, diesel injector, timing device gear, timing chain, chain tensioner.

Therefore, if a problem keeps occurring in the process of transmission when the automatic transmission is normal, it rests in the wrong adjustment of the diesel injection pump and resultant insufficiency of engine torque.

Knowing this well, we repair the diesel injection system of Musso, New Korando, Rexton (2.9L), and Musso Sports Pick-Up Truck and export them in a perfect condition.

Therefore, we can maintain the perfect satisfaction of overseas buyers with our well-repaired vehicles.

TCU (Transmission Control Unit)

TPS Sensor

Most of troubles of transmission come from the TPS sensor. Therefore if you get any problems in auto-transmission, first of all please replace a TPS sensor attached on the diesel injection pump.