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What Ssangyong diesel SUVs does this company export?

We are the company with the world's best technology of repairing and adjusting Bosch diesel injection pumps installed in the automobiles of Ssangyong Motors.

Based on this technological capability, we export the used cars whose diesel injection system which, as seen below, is the most important component of a diesel engine, has been perfectly repaired to be almost like a brand-new Mercedes Benz. Then why do we export used cars, for which we repair the diesel injection system such as diesel injection pump, diesel injector, injection timer?

First, on average, a used car has an accumulated mileage of 200,000 to 400,000 km or more and nobody can be sure what conditions it has been so far driven under. Furthermore, each country has a different technological level of repairing a diesel engine and there must be some part it cannot fix.

Especially, the diesel injection system is so sophisticated and technically difficult to handle that only a couple of manufacturers in the world are able to design and produce it. Plus, if a car whose diesel injection system has some problem is not fixed, it will lead to low power output and abnormal vibration of a vehicle.

Second, it is very necessary to adjust a diesel injection pump to an engine so the pump can work properly for the engine. Here, correction data value plays a crucial role. However, the correction data for the diesel injection pump of Ssangyong turbo vehicles, which were supplied from Bosch in Germany in 1998, was inferior to that of Mercedes-Benz back then.

For this reason, Ssangyong diesel engine was less stable than Mercedes-Benz' and was not capable of exerting its full performance. We knew it exactly and that is why we readjusted the diesel injection pump and equipped the used cars with it for exportation.

Third, there was a change in certain parts of the design of the diesel engine by the engineers of Ssangyong Motors, which caused the diesel engine to shake noticeably due to the mismatch with the diesel injection pump and eventually the engine output diminished.

Consequently, the frequent requests for after-service bothered Ssangyong Motors and even drove the automobile company to resort to attaching magnets to the side cover of the diesel injection pump. However, this measure couldn't provide a solid solution to the big shaking. (the magnets attached to the closing cover will be elaborated in the section of 'Diesel injection system'.) We already knew that when those three problems were solved, the diesel engines of Musso, New Korando, Rexton 2.9TD, Musso Sports Pick-Up Truck of Ssangyong Motors could work better than the original Mercedes-Benz and Toyota Land Cruiser in terms of the performance and durability.

Before exporting the used cars, therefore, we render our best technology to repairing their diesel injection system so that the overseas buyers can ride their cars in pride, appreciating the real value of them. If you have ever felt uncomfortable with Musso, New Korando, Rexton 2.9TD, or Musso Sports Pick-Up Truck while driving any of them like "it drives weak", "the engine is shaky", or "it's abnormally hot", then such problems can never lie in the original design and performance of those vehicles themselves.

Engine Durability

Musso, New Korando, Rexton 2.9TD, and Musso Sports Pick-Up Truck of Ssangyong Motors, which are our main export products to the world, are equipped with 4 kinds of diesel engines below manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, Germany that is the very history of diesel engines.

  • · OM661 2,299cc 79hp
  • · OM662 2,874cc 95hp
  • · OM661LA 2,299cc 105hp Turbo diesel
  • · OM662LA 2,874cc 120hp Turbo diesel
Among them, Ssangyong Motors, which is a Korean car maker, started to equip Musso and New Korando with OM661 and OM662 from 1993 and sold them both in the domestic and the overseas market. And from 1997 it began to mount OM661LA and OM662LA engine mounted with a turbo charger on those two models and launched them into the whole world markets except for the North American continent.

At that time, the Korean car maker pitched sales with USP of 'no boring until million km'. What made it possible was that the key engine components such as a piston, a short-block, a cylinder head were all assembled with the genuine parts of Mercedes-Benz.

In 1998 when the technical partnership between Ssangyong Motors and Mercedes-Benz expired, Ssangyong Motors was not supplied with the genuine parts from the German car maker but could secure the key parts (a piston, a short-block, a cylinder head) from the German auto parts suppliers for Mercedes-Benz.

This is why the Korean people still tend to first think of Musso and New Korando of Ssangyong Motors when it comes to the durability of a diesel engine.

The cylinder bores of these cars do not deviate from the design tolerance as long as their expendables are managed properly even when their mileage exceeds 500,000 to 700,000 Km, which ensures consistent compression ratio and thus almost the same gas mileage as a brand new car. However, there is a prerequisite for such satisfying durability of the diesel engine: a perfect diesel injection system has to be established. Diesel injection is not simply for running an engine.

It controls engine torque to remain accurate according to RPM, timing fuel injection and preventing the engine from generating unnecessary heat, which helps the diesel engine work at the most optimal state.

When this condition is met and if each part of the engine can function as accurately as designed by Mercedes-Benz and consumables such as engine oil and coolant are properly managed, the diesel engines of Musso, New Korando, Rexton 2.9TD, and Musso Sports Pick-Up Truck, which we mainly export, will have the best durability without a flaw. In addition, they will be the diesel engines studier and more powerful even in performance than Toyota Land Cruiser and other japanese cars(most of them are) installed with a rotary pump.

Engine Maintenance

It is much easier to manage the diesel engines of Musso, New Korando, Rexton 2.9TD, Musso Sports Pick-Up Truck of Ssangyong Motors because they are equipped with a Bosch mechanic diesel injection pump than the current common rail direct injection (CRDi) diesel engine whose fuel injection is controlled by electricity.

What makes it difficult to maintain a CRDi diesel engine is the quality of diesel fuel that has a great impact on engine durability and it hasn't reached a certain level of quality, high enough to satisfy the requirements of all the automakers in the world.

Furthermore, it is essential to separate moisture from fuel for a CRDi diesel engine. In reality, because it is not like that all fuel filters in supply to the automobile markets are not superior enough to separate moisture from fuel as much as automakers recommend, it can cause trouble to a diesel injector or a high-pressure pump, which is quite expensive and can break down early.

In contrast, it is safe to say that Musso, New Korando, Rexton 2.9TD, and Musso Sports Pick-Up Truck, which we repair and export, is almost insensitive to fuel. They can run with the kerosene and is not even troubled with used cooking oil as long as pollutants are excluded from it.

Of course, they do not easily break by the fuel that contains moisture. If a car with a CRDi diesel engine should use any of these fuels, however, it will come to a halt immediately, broken. Therefore, it could be sort of an act of gamble to use CRDi diesel engines where the quality of diesel fuel fails to meet the requirements of a car-maker or the infrastructure for auto repair has been properly established. Another problem rests in electricity.

ECU (Electronic Control Unit) controls a CRDi diesel engine and is powered by electricity. When there is a problem involving electrical energy, we need a scanner, which is a very expensive diagnostic instrument, to see and confirm various electronic signals in bare eyes. Without it, it would be almost impossible to scrutinize and repair the engine.

Even if the engine can be repaired, it is so expensive to purchase the parts of a diesel injector or a high-pressure pump, which is driven by electricity, that drivers often give up fixing it and choose to abandon the car.

On the other hands, Musso, New Korando, Rexton 2.9TD, and Musso Sports Pick-Up Truck, which we repair and export, use a diesel engine that is fully mechanical, except for 'glow plug', only one electrical unit necessary in starting the car. The diesel engine of Ssangyong Motors is a simple mechanical engine, indeed.

Common rail diesel fuel filter.

The quality of the diesel fuel filter rely on filter media. But there are many kind of cheap and fake one in the market. Such filters will break the engine more rapidly.

Scan tool for common diesel engine.

The scan tool for common rail diesel engine is very expensive and essential device. Instead, the car with mechanical diesel engine dosen't need this one at all.

And we have an advantage of easy procurement of the parts. Since Musso, New Korando, Rexton 2.9TD, and Musso Sports Pick-Up Truck use a diesel engine designed by Mercedes-Benz, we can use any of Benz's genuine parts, Ssangyong's genuine parts, or those supplied by a number of after-market suppliers. Therefore, consumers can compare such parts for quality, price, delivery terms, and so on and then decide to purchase what they prefer in the world market.

Sturdy body on Frame

All of Ssangyong's automobiles that we export are the models manufactured after 1993 and discontinued in 2006. However, they have Mercedes Benz-designed engines mounted on the car frame and their engines have been highly acknowledged in the Korean market to be sturdy enough to resist breakage even when engine output is raised due to any kinds of fair tuning.

Body on Frame SUV is made of a car body welded with steel and a cabin is nested on it. This kind of SUV is characterized by a superior sturdiness and durability to monocoque-type SUV whose car body is made out of a single thin steel plate pressed. This durability made Ssangyong Musso complete the full course of Paris-Dakar Rally in which Korea participated in 1996 for the first time. The achievement still helps Ssangyong Motors to be remembered as the best master craftsman of SUVs in Korea. Naturally, Ssangyong Motors has enjoyed a general recognition and reputation that their SUVs including Musso and New Korando are sturdier and more durable than SUVs manufactured by Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors. The evidential cases are found driving on the current roads of Korea in 2018. Hyundai Motors also launched Galloper and Terracan in the mid-1990s when Ssangyong Motors did Musso and New Korando. They were based on Mitsubishi model - Pajero SWB - and manufactured by Hyundai Motors under the license agreement with Mitsubishi for production. However, the models are hard to find these days because most of them disappear from the Korean roads due to a thin frame, fast corrosion, poor engine durability, and a considerable amount of exhaust emission like black smoke.

Meanwhile, many of Musso and New Korando are still found running on the roads in Korea.

The longevity stems from the diesel engine designed by Mercedes-Benz that is best recognized for engine durability and is due to the triple-frame body of Ssangyong SUVs, which is thus thicker than the double frame of Hyundai Galloper and Terracan. Besides, the former is more resistant to corrosion than the latter.

For the reason, the highway patrol cars procured for the Korea Expressway Corporation have all been Ssangyong SUVs until now. This officially evidences that the frame-built body SUVs of Ssangyong Motors must be the best choice for the areas where road conditions are tough or many are off road, in terms of both cost-effectiveness and durability.