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Quality Control

People who buy used cars always fret over the following questions.

"Am I being deceived by the vehicle seller
when I am buying a car?"

"What if the car I buy breaks down quickly
and I cannot even drive it?"

These are all normal worries.
If the used car is nearby, then at least you have the chance to go on a test drive, but if the used Korean car is on the other side of the world, of course, you will worry and wonder, "is it going to be okay?" However, do not worry!

KoreaSUV's Different

Our company does not export used cars overseas if the overall performance of the vehicles are abnormal.

This is because, unlike our competitors, it is the basic, foundational principle of our company that we consider to be the most important when exporting vehicles overseas.

In order to adhere to this principle, if the Korean parts do not meet certain standards during a vehicle repair, our company replaces them with parts from Germany, the EU, and Japan. We also repair engines by applying our diesel technology, which is of the highest quality in the world.

Through this process, our company's used cars, which have been tested after perfectly combining the transmissions with the engines that have better performance than new cars, are evaluated to be superior to even the new cars shipped out from the SsangYong Motors factory in power transmission performance and stability, and they demonstrate power performances that surpass Japanese cars of the same era.

Therefore, if you are looking for a truly reliable Korean-made used car that is comparable to a used Japanese car or offers better durability at a lower cost than Japanese used cars, choose a used car from our company, which was established by Mercedes-Benz and serviced by KoreaSUV.

The used cars from our company are different in quality to most Korean used cars that are exported overseas straight from junkyards without any repairs with the only consideration being that the car starts. In addition, our cars feature better performance capabilities than used Japanese cars, which are sold at a higher cost simply because they are Japanese-made cars.